Decorated gel nails - How much does it cost and how to do it

Many women have the habit of keeping their decorated gel nails always on top of fashion trends.

Always decorating them with drawings, formats and colors that in a way always surprise them, transforming and revamping.

However, keeping your natural and perfect nails long is not always an easy task, as this requires extensive care of the tissue.

As such, there are many different types of false nails, and among them are gel nails. But how much does it cost to get them? If you want to know more information check out the article below!

What are decorated gel nails?

Before we start clarifying all the doubts that you may have in mind, how about understanding a little more about them?

They are a type of false nail glued to the natural nail, which undergoes a specific gel enamelling process that includes drying in an ultraviolet light chamber.

How does it work?

The gel nail extension procedure can and should be done in a salon with a specialized professional.

The preparation:

For the preparation, it includes some steps:

  • The application of the “ultrabond primer”, a product that serves to remove all oiliness from the nail – the process of great importance to guarantee the durability of the gel application.
  • Right after, you should apply the “primer”, it is the product that will prevent the gel from “lifting” and that there is the entry of water and other residues between the nail and the gel- which will prevent the proliferation of fungi.


The procedure itself begins with applying a gel base coat and placing the hand in an ultraviolet or LED light booth so it can dry.

After that, the nail is built up with a thicker layer of gel and taken back to the cabin to dry.

The entire procedure can take an average of 1h30 to 2h to be performed, as the gel is molded on each nail, one by one.

After that, the enamelling can be done normally to give the nail color.

The touch-ups

The frequency of touching up gel baths can vary according to the speed of nail growth, which can be between 15 and 20 days.

During the retouching, the nail is leveled with the sandpaper, in order to reduce the “step” that stays between the natural nail and the gel nail, and then a new layer of gel is applied and the remodeling is done.

Can I apply gel nails at home?

The recommended thing is to have your gel nails done by a qualified professional in a place of trust, which guarantees not only a more satisfactory result. But also the safety of a procedure that does not harm the health of your natural nails.

Therefore, avoid buying a gel nail kit and use it on your own.

How long do decorated gel nails last

Nails can be kept for up to four months with proper maintenance.

Do you screw one up?

For the process of being able to damage the natural nail when it is not very strong, therefore, it is not recommended for those who have a weak nail or with other problems in the region, such as mycoses.

There is a high risk of infection by pseudomonas bacteria, which can cause pain and leave the nail greenish, and the so-called “worn out nails”, a certainly rare reaction to acrylates that leaves the nail destroyed in a permanent mode.

How much does it cost to do decorated gel nails

The price of gel nails can range from R$150.00 to R$250.00 and maintenance ranges from R$100.00 to R$150.00.

What are the necessary precautions?

The care is only for people who have long natural nails. Avoid friction with your nails and touch more with your fingers.

It is possible to do household activities, such as washing the dishes, normally, and if you want to remove the nail polish, it is recommended to use an acetone-free remover, so it is possible to extend the life of your gel nails even further.

The risks of decorated gel nails

The gel nails. They can somehow damage the natural nail itself, if it is already fragile.

A mistake that can increase this risk is pulling out the insert yourself. Therefore. Remember to do this entire procedure in a salon with a qualified professional.

Another major risk is the penetration of water and other products, which can cause infections. And fungal proliferation.

There are people who are allergic to the products used during the entire procedure. So before any check regarding this. So that nothing bad happens.