Decorative frames

The decorative frames are very captivating elements. Because they are accessible and can take up little space, in addition to creating a more different atmosphere in the space where they are inserted.

They are becoming more visible in interior projects, as they translate the taste of residents. And the use of the space it is intended for.

That way. These decorative elements can work as a center of attention in a given environment, harmonizing. And giving the space personality.

So. The frames can be made with personal photos, advertising photos, posters, maps, illustrations, landscapes, phrases, paintings. And other things.

That is. Decorating with paintings can be a simpler way to enrich your environment with more personality.

Pictures in the decor

Regardless of style. The paintings are completely decorative items that always add a certain special touch to the decor.

In addition to composing with other decorative objects. They also express a lot about the villagers themselves. Furthermore. The frames are a multifunctional object that can be used in all environments.

So. They can be found on walls, stairs, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, easels, sideboards, buffets or floors in a traditional way. Whether in homes or commercial areas.

That is. The composition of black and white frames always looks more modern. However, when the decoration of the environment is marked by neutral colors.

Frame composition can be more daring. Because there are many images, phrases, images of animals, paintings, photos, materials and 3D models of frames.

So. The ideal environmental composition model is a model coordinated with other interior design items.

Types of decorative frames

To help you understand more and perform this task, we have separated information about some types of frames.

Thinking comics. This is a type of frame that is in fashion in his compositions, bringing a phrase of reflection or motivation. They are usually hung in the living room, hall or bedrooms.

Decorative frames with frames. They are the classics because they never go out of style. it is a type of frame that matches any environment, and can be used in works and paintings, photographs, drawings or any type of illustration.

Cork holder frame. This type of frame is very popular these days as well. They allow you to store corks and caps from two favorite drinks that can remind you of great times. Some of these frames can also bring messages, mixing with the two types of frames.

Frameless frames. This type of frame is increasingly in demand. Pictures in this style help to give more movement to the decoration, without piercing the wall. They are also used in bedrooms, foyers, offices and living rooms.

Pay close attention to the frames

The frame is another item that needs to be chosen well. They are capable of exerting a great change on the face of the painting.

A great option is the plain wooden frame or painted with other colors, such as white, black. Or red, for example.

If the painting is a more classic work, then the ideal is a thicker and more elaborate frame, which can even be complemented with some details in silver or gold.

When choosing the frame, it is necessary to observe the client’s style. Nonetheless. What will be framed also defines the type of frame that should be chosen.

If you are looking for a frame for a lithograph, watercolor, woodcut or photograph. So the recommended is a glass frame and you can opt for a straighter frame. I.e. In the case of screens, glass can be avoided.

However. It doesn’t matter if it’s a watercolor, photograph, woodcut. Or canvas, it is always necessary to observe the style of drawing and painting before choosing the frame.

That is. A great combination is the secret for everything to be in harmony in the interior design.

A few tips:

For a cleaner and more modern room, opt for more neutral paintings. If the room is for a couple, the use of photo frames is much more common.

That is. A continuous frame is a great and innovative option that is very popular.

That being so. If you prefer something more understated, use frames with muted colors. And that they have the same shades as the furniture.

So. For those who like cities, a great option is to use the skyline, which is fixed. And in landscape mode on a wider wall. This will help the effect come out as desired.

That way. If the goal is the featured frame in some environment. So look for something more flashy and with brighter colors. Have you seen how a decorative frame can be important for decorating any environment?