Tips for birthday decoration with low investment

Novelties in birthday decoration. Having a party is something indescribable, but it really takes a lot of work and usually costs a lot of money.

There are many details that need to be thought about: such as the guests, the theme to be chosen, the decoration objects and the decoration itself, the place and much more.

So if you want to make a beautiful and economical birthday party decoration, we prepared this article to help you in this process.

Birthday decoration – DIY is in fashion

DIY (do it yourself or translating into Portuguese, do it yourself) is super popular and you can take advantage of it to get ideas for party decorations of many kinds.

For example: birthday, party decorations, engagement, bridal shower, wedding, baby shower decoration and many other things.

There are many possibilities for DIY party decorations that, with a little skill in manual activities and a little patience, will make the party decoration much more beautiful.

And for DIY party decor, you can make the small things like birthday party favors or something even bigger like pallet furniture.

The biggest advantage of a DIY party decoration is that it is very unlikely that other people will have a party decoration that will look the same as yours.

So if your goal is exclusivity, with lots of beautiful photos on social media, invest without fear in this type of party decor.

One of the best things about decorating a party yourself is the savings it can generate, as most things will be made out of paper or simply cheap materials.

In this way, you will spend very little and have a beautiful and very different party decoration. Only advantages.

And even if you have a more limited budget, or don’t have enough time to make your DIY party decorations or simply handicrafts, you can still make simple party decorations.

Which will make it completely more exclusive, and even better, totally with your face and personality, thus pleasing you even more.

Keep in mind the color palette for birthday decor

The first tip is one of the most important is choosing the color palette for your party decor.

The two main colors are usually chosen for the party decoration and they can be complementary or simply contrast each other.

The color combination of your decor for a birthday party or even for any other type of event can be completely up to you.

If you want to choose three or more colors as a neon party, keep in mind that they match between each other so that it doesn’t create a too heavy effect on the environment.

Perfect on the cake table

The cake table is definitely the queen of party decorations and needs to look its best to welcome and impress all guests.

You can put treats, potted plants, bowls, trays, decorated drinks, picture frames and everything in harmony with your chosen party decor.

Even if you’re not already doing a certain birthday party decor, your party will definitely have a head table.

If it’s not a cake table, we still recommend investing heavily in it, making it a focal point in your party decor.

Minimalist decor

No time to plan? Or is the budget short? Prefer something more minimalist? For all these situations, simple party decor can be an ideal way out.

Believe me, with a little you can do a lot!

Surely, you don’t need to make an extravagant party decoration to enjoy the moment with your friends and family.

At the end of the day, simple party decor is often more than enough.

To make a simple party decoration, it is recommended that you follow a step by step:

Set your budget, make a list of all the items you want for your party, research and compare prices at various stores.

So, as mentioned before, you can bet on some crafts and DIY to make your party decor simple.

With some materials like balloons, glitter, confetti, colored paper, stylus, empty bottles, scissors, and a little paint you can do a lot to make your party decoration simpler.

The cake is literally one of the main elements of the decoration of a birthday party, be it for a child or an adult.

So be very careful with the choice! Think a lot about the tones you are going to use in the decoration and take into account the birthday boy’s preferences.