How much does a master bedroom cost? Examples and average values






If you don’t know how much a designed double bedroom costs, you’ve come to the right place! A planned bedroom can cost little (if chosen properly). Or a lot if you don’t have good planning.

But to know the approximate value, you must first understand the factors that can make your project more expensive or cheaper.

After all, it is natural that a couple needs more space to store larger volumes, such as a wardrobe for two people, blankets. And bedding and other necessities. If you want to understand more, check out the article below that we have prepared for you!

Do a needs assessment

Immediacy (the act of wanting to buy something quickly or in a hurry) can make you dizzy with a planned bedroom design that doesn’t suit you or the couple’s needs well and costs a lot more.

What we give is, make a list of what you really need. Check the size of the room and the height of the ceiling in the room, this information is the basis for the development of any planned bedroom project.

Pay attention to power points, lighting, TVs and phones, write them down and take them with you as you work on projects.

Failing to take this into account may require hiring electricians, masons, etc… making the project very expensive and possibly impossible to implement.

If it is a room for a couple, combine the needs of both parties.

For example:

  • Average amount of pants, dresses, jackets, blouses, skirts, accessories, underwear, etc.

Now think about the best way to store your stuff, how many pants do you need?

How do you prefer the arrangement of the pieces, folded or hung? How many drawers? And how many divisions? How many ports do you need?

Having a clearer idea of ​​what you really need will help a lot when making a project and knowing how much a planned room costs.

Think about all this and define the amount of things you need to hang, the amount of niches you need to just put and the amount of drawers.

How much does a room designed for a couple cost?

Carpenters do not price per m², they price for the project itself (every detail counts), this value is just to have a more accurate idea of ​​how much an item will cost.

As mentioned at the beginning, the details change the price a lot, and depending on the case, the addition of furniture can bring a certain change in prices.

The thickness of the wood used is something that counts a lot in the price. Some carpentry companies have been significantly reducing the price of planned rooms.

For example, working with 15 mm on the inside and 20 mm on the outside. It’s an option for customers to know what they are buying.

It may work for people who don’t store large amounts of clothing or heavy items.

But it is common for carpenters to recommend that this type of thickness can cause problems in the medium term.

There are parts that bend or sag due to weight and overload, as this is not recommended to work with thicknesses of less than 18 mm in the internal parts. And 25 mm on the outer parts. A good analysis is in order when choosing.

If your need is much smaller than that, and with less detail, in a way you could have a room planned for around BRL 9,000.00. I.e. About R$700.00 per m².

How to make a planned bedroom cheaper

For those who want to invest a little less in a bespoke room, we’ll give you some tips so you can save on your project.

Keep in mind that Doors and Drawers are usually the most expensive parts, because they require more hinges, rails, and labor. Because it requires more effort to make.

So if you can reduce these items and still meet your need you will certainly save a lot.

Mirrors built into wardrobe doors can greatly increase the price of the project, I am not referring to the mirrors glued or hung on the door, but to the mirrors that decorate the entire door.

Another very interesting alternative for those who want to save even more is to choose the MDP material instead of choosing MDF.

Currently it is possible to find good manufacturers of MDP wood boards. And that can significantly reduce the final value of the project.

Another factor that can help you reduce the cost of the project even more is to ask about the lines and colors of the materials, some manufacturers have different prices for the most basic colors such as White.