Carnival decorated nails

Today we are going to talk about carnival decorated nails. Carnival is already around the corner and for people who like to enjoy the revelry in clubs or blocks, you can’t stay out of the colorful and lively style that this season allows.

And the style is not restricted to just the looks, but also includes nails for Carnival.

During the days of revelry and being inspired by different creative ideas for nails at Carnival and also betting on innovative nail arts allowing yourself to enjoy the days of revelry in total style.

And if you’re looking for a good look to enjoy the festivities, it’s time to see the incredible nail ideas for Carnival and even learn how to make beautiful nail arts to enjoy the days of festivities.

Ideas of decorated nails for Simple Carnival

For those looking for nails for carnival with a simpler style, it is not always necessary to have very outlandish nail art ideas, and the choice of colored nail polish color may already be enough to bring a certain joy to the Christmas.

As a simpler idea for nail art, the proposal here will bring green nails in the shade of Ver de Verdade, by Risqué.

To add a more modern style, the bet was to use a much more matte finish and color and to bet on a single daughter to highlight, which in this case will be the ring finger nail that will bring green glitter, giving a certain highlight for a carnival nail art.

Another option is the use of metallic enamel that will bring a more modern proposal to the days of revelry.

As well as some nails with a colorless base and that only gain shine on the tips is a great option.

Trying to bring a certain gradient of tones to a given color retains a great result as well.

A tip is also the nail polish in neon orange as well as other neon tones is a choice for carnival.

And how about innovating in the francesinha too, testing other colors, such as pink, purple, even yellow.

Glitter nails

Glitter nails can be used for many different occasions, including Carnival, as glitter is more free for the days of revelry.

With an idea to adhere to nail art with glitter, the first proposal we will bring is the nails with a purple background and details with an abused color from the Gio Antonelli line.

That is. The details in the abused color will bring dots of glitter in shades of purple applied to the tips of the nails, and the ring finger with an only daughter entirely painted with a glitter nail polish.

You can also try something with the blue color and colored glitters, that would be a great option too. A nail with nail art with a more nude base and with double French lines covered with glitter.

Something with pink nails and gold glitter will spice up your look too! You can also dare to try something more colorful like nails painted completely with colored glitter.

Nails decorated with stones

Among the many nail inspirations for Carnival, one of the proposals is to do a nail art with stones, which will bring applications of stones on the nails, giving a unique effect for a great enjoyment in the revelry.


As a modern proposal for Carnival. With an idea here brings the nails in shades of pink and neon with a simpler nail polish.

For a more differentiated effect, apply small pebbles to the nails of the ring fingers, which give a more differentiated charm for a carnival nail art.

Besides. You can try something like nails painted orange and with shiny stones.

You can try something like pink nails decorated with some colorless stones which will be a great option for your look.

Neon nails are trending and you can try them with different neon tones and even complement them with stones and rhinestones.

So. You can try to match the colors of the stones with the colors of the nail polishes too, it can generate a great result.

That way. Using stones on just one nail to ensure a highlight with a certain color on the rest of the nails is something that is quite common.

Nails decorated for carnival – Holographic

For people who don’t want to stay out of trends, a great bet is to use holographic nail polish. I.e. A more modern glow effect to enjoy the revelry.

So. You can see that there are many options and there are still many more to choose from, so good luck.