Fashion decorated nails for 2023

The fashion decorated nails for 2023, without a doubt, are part of our look. And every year, the new nail art trends come out, we always want to keep up, don’t we?

The nails decorated for 2023 are getting more and more neat and stylish. And in this article we are going to check out a multitude of models and get inspired for a choice that will best suit your style.

So, check out the following article for everything you need to rock your nails in 2023!

Decorated nail trends for 2023


Not many people choose to make decorative nail art 2023 simpler and easier to do.

Nowadays, using the most different decoration techniques, you can make your nails effortless.

Bicolor nail polish or simple nail art with few jewels is one of the big trends this year.

Therefore, these two decorative models are really worth betting on! If you like practical or more discreet manicures, follow the photos and simple manicure tutorials to get inspired and make your own decorations for any occasion.

Nails decorated with rhinestones

Decorating 2022 nails with different stones is powerful! Rich in details, they guarantee the extra charm of the decor.

These jewels are very suitable for women who like to be bold and guarantee a special touch instead of basic things.

But there are also simpler decorative styles that aren’t as over the top. If you’re the one who prefers simple decorative nails in 2023, but without losing their shine and charm, opt for just one or two pebbles and you’ll keep on rocking.

There are no limits when making your creations. So use your creativity and rock your nail decor.

Nails decorated with flowers

One of the classics of nail art is flowers. You can use these accessories to create different nail art, by the way, they are super delicate and romantic.

There are no rules for decorating nails with flowers in 2023. You can choose a larger size or a very small model, they just add a special touch to the nail decoration.

You can opt for a more neutral color, like a more pastel purple, and then place some flowers and leaves around the nail.

Another idea that is super trending is using a certain color palette and on one finger a lighter tone and adding a big enough flower that matches the color of the other nails and glitter.

The nails with themed decorations

How about themed nails? ! Decorated nails are always hung at Carnival, São João, Christmas, Halloween and other times.

Of course, we have several models to inspire us. Using today’s decorating techniques, making nail art just got easier.

That’s because they allow you to create the most diverse nail designs. You can be inspired by your favorite series, movies, games and books, and even your favorite cartoon characters.

You can paint your nails orange and with a very thin brush make the designs that will make it look like a pumpkin, as a great nail art for hallowen.

Have you even imagined having your nails match a movie you really like? how amazing would that be.

Trends of decorated nail colors for 2022

That’s because they allow you to create the most diverse nail designs. You can be inspired by your favorite series, movies, games and books, and even your favorite cartoon characters.

Decorative nails are very successful among women, mainly because they bring color to women’s hands, making any look more charming, stylish or elegant.

Going to a party without nails is often an unworthy sacrifice. Knowing how to choose the color of the nail polish is the most important thing, so that the nail decoration is as you expect.

Neon color trends for decorated nails 2022

In 2022, neon colors and colors will be a big hit. After all, they are often the favorites of women who cannot live without happy nails.

For those who like things simple and less exaggerated, the good news is that more neutral nails will continue to be successful.

Therefore, with a more neutral base, a little more nude, it is possible to paint the tips with different shapes, which can be similar to a Frenchie, but with different designs.

With this, we can be sure that choosing the color to decorate the nails will not be difficult, right? !