decorated almond nails

The decorated almond nails (also known as almond nails). They are a very popular nail shape, and it’s pretty easy to see why.

The shape really resembles an almond, but in a very elegant, charming, sophisticated and stylish way. It is not in vain that many women have acquired this considerably peculiar shape.

With bright, bold decorations and lots of chic, yet minimalist touches, just pick an option.

How to make almond nails

Was in doubt how to make the nail in an almond shape. So stay tuned and happy that we will help you!

First you must start by making a mark on the tip of your nail right in the center, from that mark you must make two diagonal cuts to each side from that mark.

To finish with a golden key, use a sandpaper to make the tip more rounded, that way you will have a beautiful almond nail!

Is it still possible to make the end more pointed, turning it into a stiletto nail, and what would be the difference between the formats?

When it comes to stiletto nails. The first thing that might come to mind is the tip being more elongated and sharper compared to an almond tip, softer and rounder and even being shorter.

The decorated almond nails

This nail shape deserves a certain emphasis. At first glance, you might say that this style doesn’t have anything fancy, but it’s certainly extremely simple and can surprise you.

Already mentioning simplicity, how about trying monochromatic tones? Paint each of your nails a different color but in the same shade.

For example with the pink color, you can try to do what we talked about above, the monochrome result is impeccable and is a great option.

But even with this more minimalist approach, how about using some accessories and ornaments? How about getting some inspiration from nature?

You can paint all the nails in a more nude tone and as a decoration, paint small flowers with different colors. Or even instead of doing. You can buy your own ready-made figurine.

Encapsulated almond nails

Have you thought about combining the technique of encapsulated nails with the shape of almond-shaped lovelies?

It’s totally possible, so don’t waste time and do it, as the durability of the decoration you make can increase a lot.

You can try something with darker tones as well as lighter tones, in fact, your imagination and creativity are the limit, as there is a wide variety of encapsulated and decorated nails.

We’ll give you some nail ideas with this footprint, so check it out:

The white nail polish accentuates the shape of the nail and still gives a glamorous and sophisticated touch. Just choose to finish with a matte nail polish and have a minimalist design for a more modern take on a classic look.

For the most minimalist women, a decoration with a nude nail polish as a base is perfect with almond-shaped nails.

Decorated Almond Nails

Sophisticated and subtle, this look is ideal for both everyday and weekend wear.

A totally silver French manicure with a nude nail polish as a base is a great decoration.

But how about betting on nails with a marbled texture? You must have already seen this type of texture on clothes, cell phone cases and even other little things in your daily life.

It wouldn’t take long for this look to even make its way to the nails, and best of all, they look unique and are very elegant and sophisticated.

You can express your cheerful and fun personality by floral designs and patterns.

They are always in high demand, whether as an only child or on more fingers. In the examples below, just cover your nails with a nail polish in a lighter or neutral tone and then draw the little flowers.

Some floral details are very delicate making the nail art even more impeccable and elegant.

Almond French nails

Francesinha is always present in many nail formats, including almond. To do it is very simple!

Besides plain white, you can use other colors like black why not try other colors too? Try it and be surprised by the results!

The francesinha is a technique that never goes out of style, so always innovate and leave it your way and the way you like the most!

Now that you know more about decorated almond nails, have you chosen how you are going to decorate them?