Decorated nail - Download the best apps to inspire you

The fact that creating nail designs is not something so simple, in addition to always having new news related to techniques and fashion.

For this reason, we decided to bring in an article, tips on apps that will help you with decorated nails. It’s almost impossible to create a look these days without paying due attention to your nails.

In addition to being very well cared for, nails give an air of sophistication and elegance to any woman. So check it out!


One of the biggest problems with decorated nail apps is that many of them don’t show ideas and photos that are really functional for everyday life, and iSmalte comes with the proposal to change all that.

The application also offers quick access to photos with inspiration for designs and shapes for nails, teaching how to make characters, drawings with fruits, nails for brides, drawings of animals and many other ideas.

Those who use this app also point out that the photos are didactic, giving a very simple and easy understanding of how to decorate a nail.

Your nails decorated

In this simple and easy app, you can find more than 200 nail design suggestions for those who have a more hectic life and don’t have time to waste.

Sus Nails Decorated promises to be a perfect guide for the modern woman, who always needs to reconcile her professional and family life, but who also does not give up her own care.

According to users, one of the differentials is the tips and suggestions that allow any woman to do her nails without even leaving home.

Photos of Decorated Nails

The objective of this app is to bring, in just one place, a large catalog with inspirations and photos of decorated nails, which is constantly updated according to demand and market news.

Another great differential of Photos of Decorated Nails is that it is a useful tool for all manicures.

In that sense, it can serve as a catalog of options for your clients, who will have many options for decorated nails in the palm of their hands.


This is not a totally exclusive app to inspire you on nail designs, however, it is one of the best apps to help you come up with ideas!

Pinterest’s proposal is to gather many inspirations, whether photos or even videos.

With this app, you can create many custom folders to save the most interesting materials you find.

In addition, the application’s Artificial Intelligence learns what your tastes and preferences are. Over time, it will always show you the ideas that you will like.

It is one of the apps with the most ideas and suggestions for different and stylized nails, which will surely help you create something totally unique for you.

The main nail care

It’s not enough just to be a great manicurist and to pay attention to your designs and techniques, you also need to keep your nails healthy.

With even some basic care, but which is very essential, you can guarantee very strong and beautiful nails.

 Use bases

The nail base plays a very important role. Whether to help nail polish set, or to protect the nail from the chemicals contained in the colors.

Even nail polishes with simpler formulas contain chemicals that can be aggressive.

In addition to these substances, colors can cause stains to appear. The base is thus responsible for being like a “barrier”, avoiding this direct contact.


Like skin and hair, nails also need hydration. Almond-based moisturizing creams are an excellent way to do this job.

For this reason, try to try starting the day before doing your own nails or going to a manicurist. Remove nail polish and moisturize them with cream. You will feel the difference it will make.

Use remover

In addition to causing allergies in many women, even causing skin irritation, acetone is extremely strong and ends up removing the nail’s natural protections.

For this reason, try changing your use of nail polish remover as they are made especially for this type of function and still do not harm the nails or the skin at all.

With this, just put all the tips into practice for a great result that will surely make you happy.

Don’t forget to test all the apps and even analyze which will be the best option for you!