Bedroom designed for teenagers

Today we are going to talk about decorating a room designed for teenagers. Gone are the days of kid-themed rooms, after all. Your son has grown, matured, and with that now he is interested in other subjects.

That is. The age has arrived where the personality begins to develop and solidify. Of course, this transition ends up having its effects on the decoration as well.

That way. Changing from a child-friendly decor to something more teen-friendly can be a bit challenging. But far from impossible.

In fact, with a little creativity, the secret to decorating a teenager’s room lies in the ability to blend aspects of his life.

Displaying objects or things that have meaning to teens is a great idea. Therefore. If you want to know more ideas for rooms designed for teenagers, check out the article!

Bedroom designed for teenagers: Female

The decoration of a feminine room can go far beyond just the color pink. This particular space calls for decoration with more creativity and style.

For this reason, take advantage of and explore the teenager’s preferences to the fullest and invest in furniture and practical pieces. And full of charm.

Being a teenager is not as simple a task as it may seem, after all, the girl lives in a transformation in her life. You are going from being a child to becoming a woman.

The process can be quite complicated, but ripening usually gives some signs. In other words, the bedroom abandons the childish air and gains a younger, modern and relaxed aesthetic.

As mentioned earlier, the teen bedroom ditches the childish theme, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a style of its own.

When planning a room, it is imperative to find an aesthetic that matches the personality of the occupants. The options are many:

Romantic style. Adolescents with a more romantic and delicate personality can decorate their rooms very romantically.

So. It’s worth betting on Provencal-inspired furniture, pastel tones, striped wallpaper and floral bedding.

More urban style. Perfect for girls who don’t like “frufrus”. This aesthetic values ​​sober colors, graphics and elements that recall the frenetic atmosphere of a metropolis.

Urbanism can appear in urban paintings and rectilinear furniture that adorn the walls.

Fun style. This style is a favorite among teenagers. Because to enhance it, it is possible to work with irregular comics in the decoration.

Photo panels, decorative lettering, maps, restored antique furniture, wall stickers, posters and more.

The main secret of composition is being able to be creative in every detail.

The ideal colors

Put pink in the bedroom and everything is “feminine”. Error. There are some girls who can’t stand the classic pink, so it’s important to get out of the pattern and think of other color possibilities, and the palette should value the decoration style.

For example. A romantic composition calls for pink, lilac and white. On the other hand, urban aesthetics call for grays and neutrals.

That being so. Interesting environments, in turn, find a form of expression in bright colors. As is the case with yellow and orange.

If the room is small, you can’t overdo the amount of furniture. The ideal is to use the basics: beds, wardrobes and nightstands. Always attentive to the style of decoration.

Choose from wood block, MDF or paint. If there’s space, it’s worth creating a study area with a table and chair.

For larger rooms, include an armchair. That is, a puff of powder is also an interesting option.

Bedroom designed for male teenagers

For the boys. This environment can be synonymous with refuge and personality.

In this way, the decoration of the male bedroom should prioritize hobbies. And personal tastes like music, comics and games.

Also invest in practicality. And functional furniture for everyday use.

That way. The male teenagers’ room can be decorated in many ways. Because here the boy’s taste and personality are very important in the environmental details.

So. Room decor for male teenagers can be simple, modern and classic. Even something neutral or minimalist.

However. A very important technique for setting up a room for male teenagers is to prepare in stages so that you can better imagine all the things that need to be done in the environment. How to choose furniture, bedding, paint, wallpaper, etc.

So. If you’re decorating a male teenager’s larger bedroom, you can invest in an armchair, ottoman. Or even a dressing table for the environment. You can even have a space in the room to host friends.

That is. Defining the style of decorating a male teenager’s room is important for the boy to be able to express himself. And feel comfortable in your resting environment.

There you go! Just evaluate all the tips. Furthermore. Decide which ones you’ll like best.