Decorative frames for the bedroom - Examples, design and DIY






An easy, quick and inexpensive way to change the decor of environments is through decorative pictures for the bedroom.

The coolest thing is that there are many ways to invest in painting decoration, being able to mix different models and sizes that you can create an environment with a personalized and more interesting decoration.

For this reason, today we will talk about how to use paintings to decorate your home, giving you more tips and many inspired ideas for decorating with paintings!

So if you are interested and even learn how to do it, check out the following article!

Decorative pictures for the bedroom

The decorative paintings for the bedroom are items that will help you customize this environment with the style of the owner of the bedroom.

Abstract paintings, landscapes, drawings or even decorative frames with phrases, all these models of frames for decoration and many others can be used to complement the style of your room.

But a tip that is worth mentioning is the choice of decorative paintings for the bedroom, it is always good to observe how the other decorative elements of the environment are, so that the decorative paintings match the frame or even harmonize with the rest of the ornaments , which will be in the room.

Decorative pictures for the baby’s room

Decorating a baby’s room is something very special for the whole family, and thinking about all the details related to the decoration of this environment helps in preparing the room in a beautiful and comfortable way for the baby’s arrival.

Usually the decorative frames for baby rooms or children’s rooms follow the same color pattern as the rest of the room itself.

In addition, the most interesting models of decorative pictures for a baby’s room are those with delicate images that remind us of a more childish and fun universe.

A very good tip that will help you choose decorative frames for the baby’s room is to combine the decorative frames with a frame that has the same style as the furniture.

In addition, on the market it is possible to find models of paintings for the decoration of the baby’s room that have an application in fabric, felt and even some of the stuffed animals, which will guarantee a more special touch in the decoration of the room .

How to make decorative frames

If you like craft activities and DIY things, you may already be thinking about how to make decorative frames.

After all, by making your own decorative frames you get a more personalized touch for your home and spending very little.

But for those of you who want to know how to make decorative pictures, just follow a very simple step-by-step below and the result will surely be incredible.


  • Cardboard;
  • Legal sheet;
  • EVA sheet in the color you want to make the frame;
  • Glue;
  • Scissors;
  • Ruler;
  • Scissors;
  • Pencil

Step by step on how to make decorative frames

  1. first, print the image that will be framed on legal paper and cut it to the shape of the frame;
  2. Next, cut the cardboard 0.5 cm longer than the image that will be framed.
  3. Now you must paste the image printed on legal paper onto the cardboard square;
  4. Cut the EVA strips to the width you want most for the frame of your decorative picture;
  5. Then, just glue the EVA to the sides of the frame and cut the excess.

Tips for decorating

Anyone who thinks that decorating real estate requires a lot of investment or a lot of resources is wrong.

In fact, the project to decorate the environment must contain basic elements, and these elements can create a comfortable, practical and, above all, modern environment.

In this sense, decorating the bedroom is not limited to the implementation of exquisite beds and wardrobes.

With it, it collects a series of characteristics and ideal characteristics, so that the final result is satisfactory.

However, when decorating this very special room, some useful tips and tricks should be followed.

The result will be an organized room that utilizes the space and, most importantly, the decor reflects your personality.

In this sense, to make the decoration of an environment safer and more practical, one of the main criteria is to analyze the environment, as this will seriously affect mobility.

Another very incredible tip is the use of niches and shelves.

The built-in shelves and niches are great choices for organizing the environment, in addition to being widely used as decorative items.

So. With so many tips, it’s easier to have a super decoration in your room, isn’t it?