12 Simple Christmas Table Decoration Ideas That Will Delight Your Guests

Christmas time is always a special time to gather family and friends around the table. And to make this moment even more pleasant and festive, decorating the Christmas table is essential.

However, it is not always necessary to invest in expensive and elaborate decorations to create a welcoming and charming environment. With a little creativity and a few simple items, you can transform your table into a true Christmas setting.

In this article, we will present tips and ideas for simple and economical decoration for your Christmas table. From table arrangements to charming details, you’ll see how you can create a festive atmosphere without spending a lot.

Follow and learn how to prepare a charming Christmas table to surprise your guests 12 Simple Decoration Ideas for a Christmas Table

1 – Candles and pine cones:

Use candles of different sizes and natural pine cones to create a rustic and welcoming arrangement in the center of the table. You can complement it with branches of green or red foliage.

Candles and pine cones are traditional elements that can be used to decorate the Christmas table in an elegant and cozy way. Here are some ideas on how to use them:

Centerpieces: Place pine cones on a plate or tray and arrange candles around them. You can opt for white candles or Christmas colored candles, such as red or gold.

Candle holder: Use larger pine cones as a candle holder. Position them on a stable base and place a candle on top of each pine cone, forming a beautiful arrangement.

Wreaths: Create a wreath with pine cones and hang small candles between them. You can tie them with wire or Christmas ribbon. Hang the garland around the center of the table or on a nearby wall.

Pinecone Arrangements: Place pinecones in vases or baskets and fill the space between them with candles. You can add other decorative items such as pine branches, bows and dried fruits.

Table Runner: Spread pine cones along the table runner and place candles on top of them. This decoration will create a rustic and welcoming look.

Always remember to take precautions when using candles, such as never leaving them burning unattended and ensuring there is no danger of fire.

2 – Custom sousplats:

Add a special touch to your Christmas table with personalized sousplats. You can create your own using Christmas fabrics or hoops with red bows.

Personalized sousplats are a great option for decorating the Christmas table. They provide a special and personalized touch to the decoration, in addition to being functional, protecting the table from possible stains.

There are several options for personalized sousplats for Christmas, which can be made from different materials and prints.

You can opt for fabric sousplats with Christmas prints, such as Santa Claus motifs, reindeer, Christmas trees, among others.

They can be made in different colors, such as red, green and gold, to match the Christmas theme.

In addition, you can personalize the sousplats with each guest’s name, making the decoration even more special and individualized. This is a great way to welcome guests with a touch of care and affection.

Personalized sousplats can also be complemented with other decorative elements, such as printed napkins, themed napkin holders and Christmas decorations, to create a complete and harmonious table.

Therefore, personalized sousplats are a creative and elegant option to decorate the Christmas table, making the environment even more beautiful and festive.

3 – Tree ornaments as place markers

Take small Christmas tree decorations and use them as place markers. Write each guest’s name on a tag and hang it on the ornament. This will add a festive, personalized touch to your table.

Tree decorations can be a fun and creative option to use as placeholders on the Christmas table. Check out some ideas:

1. Personalized Christmas Balls: Buy Christmas balls in different colors and write each guest’s name with a permanent ink pen. Hang the balls on the backs of chairs or place them directly on the plates.

2. Mini Christmas Trees: Buy mini plastic Christmas trees or make your own using Styrofoam cones and small branches. Decorate the trees with Christmas decorations and tie a tag with each guest’s name. Place trees on plates or next to glasses.

3. Paper Stars: Create stars by folding strips of paper into a star shape. Choose different colors for each guest and write their name on each star. Place the stars on wine or champagne glasses.

4. Wooden Reindeer: Buy mini wooden reindeer from a craft store and paint each one a different color. Tie a tag with each guest’s name on each reindeer and place them on the plates.

5. Personalized Ornaments: Buy tree decorations that relate to each guest’s hobbies or interests, such as musical instruments, pets, and more. Place decorations on plates or hang them on the backs of chairs.

Remember that creativity is the limit! Use different materials, such as ribbons, lace, beads and colored paper to customize the decorations and make them personalized for each guest.

4 – Fabric napkins with red bows

Fold the napkins into creative shapes, like Christmas trees or stars. Tie them with a red bow to add a festive and elegant touch to the table.

Fabric napkins with red bows are a great option to decorate the Christmas table. They add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the decor and can also match other themed elements on the table.

There are different ways to use napkins with red bows. Here are some suggestions:

A. Fold the fabric napkins into an envelope and tie a red bow around it to secure them. Place them on each plate at the table. This will add an elegant and festive touch to every place.

B. Fold the fabric napkins in half, forming a triangle. Roll them up carefully and tie a red bow around the middle. Then, position them vertically in each glass or goblet, creating a unique and enchanting look.

C. Place the fabric napkins open on each plate. Fold them in half horizontally and tie a red bow in the center. This will create a neat and organized look.

D. If you prefer a more relaxed style, you can fold the fabric napkins into an envelope and, instead of tying a bow, place a pine tree or other Christmas decorations on top.

No matter how you decide to use fabric napkins with red bows, they are sure to add a touch of Christmas to your table and delight your guests.

5 – Decorated bowls

Add an extra sparkle to your Christmas table by decorating the glasses. Use ribbons, pearls, ornaments or even themed stickers to decorate the stems of the glasses.

Decorated bowls are a great option to decorate the Christmas table. They add a festive and elegant touch to the decor, as well as being a unique and personalized detail. Here are some ideas on how to decorate your glasses for the occasion:

A. Snow effects: paint the cups with white paint or use spray varnish to create a snow effect. Add silver or white glitter for more sparkle.

B. Ribbons and bows: Tie Christmas ribbons or bows around the stems of the glasses. Choose colors like red, green or gold to match the Christmas theme.

C. Wreaths: Look for mini Christmas wreaths and wrap them around the glasses. Use hot glue to secure them in place.

D. Christmas decorations: glue small Christmas decorations to the sides of the glasses. You can find mini snowmen, reindeer or even Christmas trees in craft stores.

E. Candles: Add votive candles or tealights inside the glasses. You can use white candles or opt for colors that match your Christmas decor.

Remember that it is important to make sure that the decorations do not interfere with the use of the glasses. Avoid covering the edge or area where people will drink. Always use non-flammable materials and be careful when handling lit candles.

6 – Mini Christmas trees

Place individual mini Christmas trees at each seat at the table. These trees can be natural or artificial and are great options to give as gifts to your guests at the end of the party.

Mini Christmas trees are great options for decorating the Christmas table in a creative and charming way. Here are some decorating ideas to make your mini trees even more special:

A. Mini pine trees: use small natural or artificial pine trees and decorate them with colorful mini balls, bows, stars and miniature snowflakes. You can attach these ornaments with hot glue or a thin line of wire.

B. Candy trees: place a Styrofoam base or floral foam in a small vase and stick lollipops and chocolates in the shape of mini trees. Use red and green ribbons to tie the candies to the ends of the branches and finish with bows and stars.

C. Mini succulents: use small pots with bush-shaped succulents and decorate with small Christmas lights. You can use clay vases and paint them with gold or silver paint to give a festive touch.

D. Mini felt trees: cut cones from green felt and glue them to a styrofoam or floral foam base. Decorate with stars or flowers also made of felt and finish with colorful ribbons or bows.

E. Mini paper trees: cut triangles out of green paper and assemble them into a cone shape, gluing the sides together with glue or tape. Decorate with bows, ribbons or small paper decorations.

Don’t forget to place the mini Christmas trees on the main table, distributing them harmoniously and creating a charming look for your party.

7 – Dishes decorated with Christmas motifs

Choose dishes with Christmas prints to beautify your table.

Look for options with prints of Santa Claus, reindeer, snowmen or simply with colors and patterns alluding to the season.

There are several options of dishes decorated with Christmas motifs to decorate the Christmas table

Here are some suggestions:

  • 1. Dessert plates with snowflake or reindeer prints.
  • 2. Ceramic plates with drawings of Santa Claus or Christmas trees.
  • 3. Plates with gold or silver edges to represent the shine of the time.
  • 4. Red, green or white plates, which are classic Christmas colors.
  • 5. Plates with prints of gifts or golden bells.
  • 6. Plates with drawings of snowmen or gingerbread cookies.
  • 7. Plates with designs of red garlands or bows.
  • 8. Plates with star prints or Christmas candles.
  • 9. Plates with designs of Christmas decorations, such as colorful balls or miniature trees.
  • 10. Plates with prints of Christmas socks or Santa Claus gloves.

These are just a few suggestions, but you can find a wider variety of dishes decorated with Christmas motifs in specialized stores, decoration stores or even online.

Remember to choose dishes that complement the overall table decor and convey the cozy and festive atmosphere of Christmas.

8 – Centerpiece with fruit

Use fruits such as apples, oranges or grapes to create the centerpiece. In addition to bringing a natural touch, fruits can also be consumed as part of the dessert.

An elegant and festive option to create a fruit centerpiece to decorate the Christmas table is to create a composition with a bowl of citrus fruits and green foliage. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to creating this decoration:

Materials needed:

  • – Big and beautiful bowl
  • – Oranges, lemons, tangerines and/or grapefruits
  • – Green foliage (could be pine branches, eucalyptus leaf branches, among others)
  • – Optional decorations (Christmas miniatures, candles, bows, etc.)
  • – Scissors


1. Start by choosing a large, beautiful bowl that matches your Christmas table decor.

2. Wash the citrus fruits well and dry them gently.

3. Cut the fruit into thin slices, perpendicular to the axis of the fruit, to create slices.

4. Arrange the fruit slices at the bottom of the bowl, covering the entire surface.

5. Take the green foliage and cut it into smaller sizes to fill the spaces between the fruit slices.

6. Place the greenery on top of the fruit slices and spread them evenly across the bowl. You can create layers of fruits and foliage by interspersing them.

7. If desired, add optional decorations such as Christmas figurines, candles or bows to complement the decor.

8. Position the fruit centerpiece in the center of the Christmas table and adjust as necessary.

9. Finish the decoration by adding other decorative elements such as sweets, candles or flowers around the centerpiece to create a complete and cozy look.

Remember that citrus fruits can release some juice over time, so it’s best to assemble the centerpiece just before the meal to ensure it looks fresh and appetizing.

9 – Red flower arrangement

Red flowers, such as roses or amaryllis, are perfect for adding color and elegance to your Christmas table. Place them in a central arrangement or distribute small vases throughout the table.

Opt for golden chandeliers to create a sophisticated atmosphere. Place white or gold candles to create a warm and festive atmosphere.

A beautiful arrangement of red flowers to decorate the Christmas table can be made with the following flowers:

Red roses: choose wide open red roses to highlight the arrangement. They symbolize love and passion, perfect for the occasion.

Gerberas: choose some red gerberas to add a touch of color and joy to the arrangement.

Red carnations: carnations are also an excellent option for a Christmas arrangement, bringing elegance and perfume.

Green foliage: to add contrast and balance to the arrangement, add green foliage such as ruscus or eucalyptus leaves.

To put together the arrangement, place the flowers in a transparent glass vase, alternating colors and sizes to create an interesting look.

Add some green leaves between the flowers to fill in empty spaces and add a touch of freshness. Remember to cut the flower stems diagonally before placing them in water, to facilitate water absorption and extend the life of the flowers.

Finally, place the arrangement in the center of the Christmas table, adding candles and other decorative elements around it, such as Christmas balls, pine cones or red bows. This way, your table will be beautifully decorated to celebrate this special date.

10 – Candelabra with golden candles

Candelabras with golden candles are a great option to decorate the Christmas table, as they add elegance and sophistication to the environment.

In addition, gold is a color that refers to shine and luxury, characteristics that are very present at the end of the year festivities.

You can opt for traditional candelabras, with several arms and candles distributed along them, or for more modern and minimalist models, with just one arm and a single candle.

Regardless of the model chosen, golden candelabras bring a touch of glamor to the Christmas table.

One suggestion is to combine them with a central arrangement with Christmas elements, such as pine cones, golden balls, red and green bows. This will make the decoration even more themed and festive.

Also, remember to position the chandeliers so that they do not obstruct guests’ views during the meal. And, of course, don’t forget to take safety precautions to avoid accidents with lit candles.

No matter how you choose to use the golden candelabra on your Christmas table, they will certainly be a highlight of the decoration and provide a warm and festive atmosphere to celebrate this special date.

11 – Hanging garland

Hang a garland from the ceiling above the dining table to add a special touch to the room. Choose an artificial wreath or make your own with natural foliage and Christmas decorations.

A hanging garland is a great option to decorate the Christmas table in a creative and elegant way. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to making your own hanging garland:

Materials needed:

  • Pine branches or green foliage
  • Sturdy nylon thread
  • Christmas decorations (balls, bows, miniatures, etc.)
  • Adhesive tape or hooks to attach the wreath to the ceiling

Step by step:

1. Start by preparing the pine branches or greenery. Make sure they are clean and free from insects or dirt.

2. Separate the branches into different sizes, from largest to smallest, to create an interesting visual effect.

3. Wrap the nylon thread around the first branch, tying it tightly.

4. Then, tie the other branches to the first, forming a kind of circle or oval, using more nylon threads as necessary.

5. With the hanging garland formed, it’s time to add the Christmas decorations. Use tape or hooks to hang balls, bows and miniatures in a creative way.

6. Make sure to distribute the embellishments evenly and balancedly to create an eye-catching look.

7. Once this is done, check that the garland is securely attached to the nylon thread and adjust as necessary.
8. Now just attach the hanging garland to the ceiling using tape or hooks.

Ready! Your hanging garland to decorate the Christmas table is ready. Remember to keep the garland away from candles and other flammable objects to avoid accidents.

And, of course, unleash your creativity when choosing decorations and foliage for a unique and enchanting Christmas table decoration.

12 – Transparent plates with decorations

Place Christmas decorations inside transparent plates and distribute them around the table. This simple idea will add charm and bright colors to your table arrangement.

1. Transparent glass plate with mini pine cones, cinnamon sticks and Christmas stars.

2. Transparent glass plate with colorful Christmas balls and shiny ribbons.

3. Transparent glass dish with decorative candles in the shape of a Christmas tree.

4. Clear glass dish with sprigs of holly and red bows.

5. Transparent glass plate with artificial snow, Santa Claus figures and mini Christmas trees.

6. Transparent glass plate with golden Christmas balls, white feathers and branches of green foliage.

7. Clear glass plate with mini garlands and golden stars.

8. Clear glass plate with mini porcelain snowmen and paper snowflakes.

9. Clear glass plate with mini plastic reindeer and pine leaves.

10. Clear glass plate with colorful mini Christmas gifts and eye-catching ribbons.


With these 12 simple decoration ideas for the Christmas table, you will make your environment festive and enchanting, providing unforgettable moments for your guests. Let your creativity flow and enjoy the magic of this special season.

Many people like to decorate their dining tables for the special occasion of Christmas. However, not everyone has the time or resources to create elaborate decorations.

Luckily, there are lots of simple decorating options you can make to add a festive touch to your Christmas table. Here are some ideas you might consider:

When finishing decorating your Christmas table, don’t forget to consider the lighting in the room. Soft, cozy light will help create a festive atmosphere for the evening. Also remember to leave space for food and for guests to feel comfortable.

Decorating a Christmas table doesn’t have to be complicated. With a few simple themed elements, you can create a beautiful and festive table for your celebration.

We hope these ideas have inspired you to decorate your Christmas table in a simple and charming way.